Liver Active – Detox for Your Liver

Detox For Your LiverThe liver is the largest body organ and one of the most critical in the entire body system. It is responsible for ensuring that every system and other organs are free from toxic elements. This further enhances their smooth functioning.

To improve and maintain the liver processes, the body uses a natural regulatory and self sustaining system. With time, these systems deteriorate in performance thereby overburdening and weakening the liver system. During such times, the body needs supplements that boost the liver’s ability to carry out its processes normally. LiverActive is one such supplement that acts as a detox for your liver and helps to keep it toxin free and in optimal working condition. Find Out More >>>

Functions of the Liver

For you to appreciate the role played by the LiverActive, it is important that you know the specific functions carried out by the liver in your body system. Apart from cleaning toxins, the liver is also responsible for:

High Energy Bursts – The liver stores glucose which gives our body system bursts of energy. This is necessary when responding to emergencies involving flight or fright.

Body Defense – The liver is one of the major parts of the defense mechanism of the body known as the macrophage system. In the liver lies a killer type of white blood cells that are responsible for cleaning toxins in the bloodstream. These cells also scavenge and consume other dead cells, viruses and foreign particles.

The liver is more of a first aid kit that produces enzymes used in cell tissue repair and formation of blood clots during injuries.

Detox Liver Health
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Why Detox For Your Liver Is Necessary

Our lifestyles bring us into contact with so many toxins on a daily basis. The foods we eat including the beverages have chemicals dissolved in them. The air we breathe is also contaminated with toxins in form of chemicals released by exhaust fumes. All these factors make it increasingly difficult for the liver to single-handedly fight the toxins. This results in constant tiredness, digestive problems, lack of energy and wearing down of the liver. This is dangerous for your overall body system and health.

LiverActive Ingredients

The ingredients included in LiverActive have been the subject of research in laboratories for many years. So as to ensure a harmonious working among all the ingredients, a further research was conducted where the ingredients were placed in the same medium. The benefit that arose from this was that the ingredients not only function without negatively affecting one another but also leverage on the power of synergy to boost their performance further. These top ingredients include:

Bryonia alba 200C

This is also referred to as White Byrony. It has an interesting history because at one time, it was worn by a wreath by Augustus Caesar so as to prevent him from lightning strikes. Found in South Eastern Europe, Bryonia is a fast growing plant which is used in relieving respiratory problems as well as headaches, fevers and joint pains.

Carduus marianus 1X

This is also called Milk Thistle. It has a history spanning over 2,000 years in traditional medicine where it was mainly used to treat inflammation and gastro-intestinal problems associated with the gallbladder, liver and the spleen.

Chelidonium majus 200C

This is a yellow flowering plant in the same family as the poppy. It has been used for a long time as a detoxifier. It is responsible for supporting the kidney, liver and spleen in their functions. Until the present, homeopathic practitioners have used Chelidonium majus 200C in treating respiratory, circulation and bowel problems.

Taraxacum officinale 1X

Commonly referred to as Dandelion, the leaves of this ingredient which are normally very bitter are eaten in salads. The root of this plant is effective in stimulating the production of bile in the liver and its flow out from the gallbladder. It is used in treating jaundice, liver obstruction and urinary problems. Whenever people had problems with digestion, headaches, pain in the abdomen and night sweats, the roots of this plant were taken as medicine.

Benefits of LiverActive

LiverActive being a spray is absorbed quickly into the body system and therefore acts as a fast relief to pain and other discomforts. The ingredients are powerful and help the liver to get rid of extra toxins which enable it to run efficiently and smoothly.

By ensuring that the liver performs at optimal levels, LiverActive ensures that the energy level in your body is sufficient to support the internal processes, the immune system is working right and every other process is kept in check.

All the ingredients are safe and no side effects have been reported ever since LiverActive was rolled into the market.


LiverActive has a money back guarantee which ensures that your investment is safe. This, combined with the fact that the product is very effective as a detox for your liver, makes LiverActive a best buy and value for money product. Find Out More >>>

Detox Liver Health