Lose Weight And Burn Fat With Capsiplex

slimming for menCapsiplex is a weight loss pill endorsed by both scientists and celebrities as an effective solution to burning of calories through enhanced metabolism. It contains powerful ingredients such as capsicum, caffeine, niacin and piperine which have a scientifically proven metabolism boosting power. It is 100% natural and none of its ingredients have gone through chemical processing. This makes it free from some nasty side effects witnessed in other weight loss pills. Find Out More >>>

Benefits of Capsiplex

Backed by clinical studies and firsthand consumer reviews, Capsiplex confers immense benefits to users:

capsiplexIt helps in burning of carbs- most foods that we eat have some degree of carbohydrates in them. This means that if not watched, these carbs accumulate causing weight gain and ultimately obesity. Burning of carbs in people who are not very active can be an uphill task. This is why Capsiplex is a blessing to them. The metabolism boosting power of its ingredients helps in speeding up carbs metabolism and weight loss.

Free from nasty side effects- all the ingredients contained in Capsiplex are from natural products such as capsicum, black pepper and coffee. There is no chemical alteration process that takes place in between making them safe to use.

Enhances fat metabolism- The body’s natural ability to burn fat depends on the level of activity. With most of the people in the post technology era living sedentary lifestyles, fat metabolism becomes a challenge. It takes the aggressive approach of Capsiplex through its powerful caffeine and capsicum ingredients to speed up the metabolism process 12 times its normal level. As a result fat metabolism has become much easier.

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How Capsiplex Works

capsiplex weight loss pillThe working of Capsiplex is based on the power of its ingredients in boosting metabolism on an individual and collective basis. The analysis below shows how each of the ingredients causes fat and weight loss.


Capsicum which is one of the ingredients of Capsiplex contains capsaicinoids compounds which are responsible for the heat in pepper. These compounds cause a stimulation of the adrenal glands resulting in increased metabolism. The secretions from the adrenal glands also prevent fat accumulation, boost fat metabolism and increase body heat.


Caffeine on the other hand is a biologically active substance found in coffee which stimulates the central nervous system. This causes signals to be sent to the fat cells instructing them to break down fat. Caffeine also increases the levels of hormone Epinephrine which travels to fat tissues instructing them to metabolize fats and release them into the blood. Based on research findings, caffeine can enhance the body’s metabolic rate by 3-11% causing further breakdown of fat and carbs.


More than just the taste, piperine, a black pepper extract is a powerful ingredient in enhancing fat loss. It interferes with the genes responsible for the fat formation process thereby significantly reducing fat levels in blood.


Commonly known as Vitamin B3, Niacin is a key component in the digestive processes that yield energy for the body. Niacin also improves the cardiac output and reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. These are very critical processes in boosting body metabolism and excretion of metabolic wastes.

Capsiplex Beadlet Structure

The structure of the Capsiplex beadlet makes it very effective in delivering the hot capsicum and the other ingredients to the intestine without causing irritation in the stomach. This is attained through the shielding effect of the pH sensitive coating.

Celebrity Endorsements

Many celebrities have found Capsiplex to be much more effective that the other weight loss and fat metabolism products that they had been previously using. Some of the notable celebrity figures who have endorsed the product include:

Nicola McClean– she is a star and model of Celebrity Big Brother. Capsiplex helped her to lose her post pregnancy weight gain which resulted from her second child.

Roxanne Pallett– She is ITV’s Emmerdale celebrity. She endorses Capsiplex for helping her to lose weight while maintaining her normal routine.

Other celebrities who have given 5 star endorsements to Capsiplex include Bradpitt and Angelina Jolie.


Capsilex is a naturally formulated super fat burner that brings the benefits of natural ingredients into your weight loss programs. It comes with a money back guarantee just in case it fails to deliver the results as expected. Although the likelihood of failed performance is close to zero, we do this to safeguard your investment and interests. Find Out More >>>

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