Extreme Muscle Building Program XtremenoAs you are growing up, putting on lean muscle may not take you a longer time in the gym because all your systems are working right. Your human growth hormone levels are at their peak, your blood vessels are fully dilated and every part of you expresses vitality. However as you start aging, it becomes difficult to even add a single pound of lean muscle because your systems are weakening. With the same strength and effort at the gym, you will realize that you are gaining fewer results than before. This is where the Xtreme NO supplement comes in. It provides you with the necessary nutrients so as to enable your muscles to lift more and get bigger.

Serious bodybuilders know the skin-ripping, super-pumped look they get immediately after an intense workout” “Now, thanks to Extreme NO’s Nitric Oxide boosting formula you keep that ripped look all day long. Boost your load capacity, maximize full body recovery, maximize fat burn and improve muscularity.

What Is Xtreme NO?

This is a nitric oxide booster containing natural ingredients which help in supplementing your body system with nitric oxide. When NO flows through your blood stream, it dilates the blood vessels thereby ensuring more blood reaches your muscles.  This in turn ensures that oxygen and nutrients reach even the deepest tissues of your muscles. This makes your workout sessions consistent and long lasting for more strength, stamina and better results. It is commonly used as a pre-workout supplement to power you through the entire exercise session.


How It Works

Xtreme NO has a wide range of amino acids which are precursors to nitric oxide production. The body usually produces nitric oxide naturally but with time, the levels of nitric oxide fall because of inhibitors or insufficient dietary supply of nitric oxide rich foods. Whatever the case, the body needs a boost through a supplement like Xtreme NO if it is to function normally.

The benefit of NO in the body cannot be overemphasized. It relaxes the blood vessels thereby allowing more blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow to every fiber within the muscle tissue. This enhances muscle activity including metabolism of tissue fat and protein synthesis to build bigger, leaner and stronger muscles.


So as to gain optimal results from the Xtreme NO supplement, you have to take the tablets about half an hour prior to a workout session. Ensure that you take lots of water so as to keep your body supple and ensure that the tablets are dissolved and taken to the target areas. Note that this tablet does not give you spikes in energy but rather ensures a smooth flow of energy and strength throughout your gym session.

The Ingredients in Xtreme NO

The main ingredients in this supplement include L-arginine, an amino acid which converts to nitric oxide in the body. Together with it are ingredients such as dicalcium phosphate, vitamin B and L-citrulline which are responsible for dilating small blood vessels and the production of nitric oxide all of which enhance the combustion of fats in the muscles by delivering oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. This gives you more energy to sustain you during your workouts.

The Benefits of Xtreme NO

Xtreme NO is a supplement like no other. It has a lot of interesting benefits that it avails to its users. Some of these benefits include:

Improvement in Load Capacity – When you take the tablets as directed by the manufacturer, you will experience an increase in load capacity. This means you can be able to lift more thereby building up your muscles within a shorter period of time.


Full Body Recovery – When exercising, one of the critical things to watch out for are the recovery rates. The shorter the recovery cycle, the faster you can engage in the next session and this gives you a leverage compared to the other people who are not using the supplement during their workouts. The supplement achieves the shorter recovery cycles by helping to reduce muscle and joint soreness.

Enhance Nitric Oxide Levels – Nitric oxide is a critical compound in the body which is produced either naturally or through supplements such as Xtreme NO. This supplement contains ingredients such as L-arginine and L-citrulline which are precursors to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide enhances the oxygen and nutrients carrying capacity of blood by dilating the blood vessels.


Xtreme NO is by all means a successful product. This is why it is always advisable to buy it from the official site so that you can benefit from among other things a free bottle that comes with select purchases. You also get to enjoy free membership to an online fitness club and money back guarantee just in case the product does not perform as expected.