How to improve sexual performance, stay harder and last longer: Sexual satisfaction is the ultimate desire of couples in a relationship. Enjoying each other and knowing that you are fully satisfying your partner during sexual pleasure is thrilling and seals the bond that you both have for each other. We all look for ways to enhance sexual performance – to make it last longer and bring ultimate pleasure to both parties. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this but focusing way too much can cause anxiety and a negative effect.

How to Improve Sexual Performance - Stay Harder, Last Longer

We’ve put togther a simple sets of lifestyle changes to help you stay hard and last longer. Changes which can assist in reducing anxiety, maintaining an erection, increasing stamina and improving any erectile dysfunction. Also, importantly, we’ll look at how to strengthen relationships between sexual partners. 

These changes can make sex more satisfying and enjoyable for both partners.

Sexual intercourse is a fundamental part of being a human being with togetherness, affection, love and intimacy forging our relationships, happiness and general well-being.

Sex should be satisfying and fulfilling to both parties but that’s not the experience in far too many cases. In fact, a recent survey suggested that nearly 50% of men are dissatisfied with their sex life with an additional 30+% believing that there’s room for improvement in their performance in the bedroom – hence the reason for an increasing range in male enhancement products, de-sensitisers to delay ejaculation, testosterone boosters to increase libido and supplements to increase stamina.

HOW TO IMPROVE SEXUAL PERFORMANCE – STAY HARDER, LAST LONGERIt’s not all about being super-sized, it’s not all about being “up for it” all the time and it’s not all about being able to go on for hours … it’s all about being confident, being in control of you body and performing in harmony with your partner … knowing what he or she wants and likes and having the ability to please.

Sexual health for men is also about keeping yourself in good physical and emotional shape, fully functional and looking after yourself … in all areas! So, you owe it to yourself, as well as your partner, to keep all aspects of your sexual health in great shape.

How To Improve Sexual Performance

How to improve sexual performance: 21 ways to minimize erectile dysfunction, increase stamina, stay harder, last longer and improve the quality of sex.

1. Concentrate on Foreplay

Most men have a belief that penetration is the defining aspect of sex. However, those with erectile dysfunction will be pleased to learn that an erection is not a significant aspect of pleasing their partners. Actually, this can be a motivation to try out new approaches that work better for your partner through foreplay.

Foreplay includes kissing, touching, and oral sex. Having perfect and lasting foreplay can boost the sexual experience of both parties by increasing your sex duration and also pleasure.

2. Apply the Start-Stop Approach

For men who wish to last longer during sex, applying the start-stop approach can help.

To apply this technique, you need to stop any sexual activity each time your ejaculation feels imminent. Stop and breathe deeply, then start again slowly. This will delay your ejaculation as long as you desire.

This technique helps your body to hold up an ejaculation and helps you feel more relaxed during intense sexual activities with full control.

3. Be Adventurous

Sexual satisfaction thrives within an atmosphere of excitement and passion. Having one partner for a more extended period can make sex feel routine, making it challenging to remain focused, feel excited, or even please your partner.

Trying out new sexual activities and positions will help make your sex experience more exciting and extend your sex duration.

Also, explore more than merely your genitals. Focusing on your genitals bounds you to a quick ejaculation. Therefore go slow by exploring more to build your desire and last longer.

4. Gain Control Over Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety feelings can distract one from attaining sexual intimacy by making it hard to maintain or get an erection.

Once you feel anxious regarding how you will perform sexually, you will feel less thrilled and engaged during the intercourse.

To ensure you have control of stress and anxiety for optimum sex performance, you must outline these strategies:

• Exercise

• Get more sleep

• Meditate

• Attend therapy take psychiatric medication

The right approach to these strategies will see you gain control over your ejaculation and gain the right stamina to last for hours during sex.

5. Stop Smoking

Smoking leads to high blood pressure, among other heart-related issues that can cause erectile issues.

Smoking is also a significant link to erectile dysfunction, as shown by research on sexual performance and smoking. The study discovered that quitting smoke can improve your sexual function by reducing erectile dysfunction. Quitting smoke ensures you regain your sexual strength and the ability to last for longer.

6. Open Communication

Speaking out freely can significantly improve your sexual experience.

Many issues relating to sex have been a significant cause of tension and worries. However, speaking out what bothers you during intercourse with your partner will ensure you work together to find a solution. This also drives away that feeling of being less isolated through putting down practical suggestions.

With this, you get to relax more, lessening the nerves responsible for a swift ejaculation.

7. Deal with Relationship Issues

Most of the relationship issues outside the bed can lead to intimate dysfunction. For example, an individual feeling that his partner criticizes him too much will feel anxious during intercourse, leading to a less satisfying experience.

Having communication-based on feelings and not blame will help both partners in addressing such relationship challenges. This, on the other hand, lets you clear your mind and focus more on the sex.

8. Exercise More

Physical activities help reduce heart conditions and risk factors, thus improving your sexual function and overall health.

Health conditions, including diabetes and blood pressure, can ruin your nerves changing the blood amount that flows to your penis. With such a condition, you will have a hard time getting or even maintain an erection.

Regular exercise helps in exercising the muscle taking part in ejaculation and arousal, thus enhancing your penis stamina and ejaculation period.

9. Make use of the Right Nutrients

To improve your bed performance, you have to make sure you are getting the right nutrients, including capsaicin, which is mostly found in hot peppers. Capsaicin helps in boosting your sex endurance and speeds up your recovery time.

10. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness refers to the practice of being more aware currently. It’s a well-known type of meditation that can significantly improve your sexual function and stamina.

Mindfulness-based therapy can change your negative attitude towards sex, improve your sexual relationship, and help you in being more present during an intercourse activity.

Meditation and mindfulness also help one in managing stress unrelated to intimate activities. This directly addresses intercourse dysfunction by improving a man’s ability to perfectly focus during sex.


11. Switch Between Passive and Active Roles

Alternating between different roles makes it possible for your arousal to move in and out, just like waves making sex last for longer.

12. Use Condoms

Well, this might sound wired, but the fact is that condoms usually affect your sensitivity, making it possible to last longer during sex by preventing quick ejaculation. They also serve as protection against sexually transmitted diseases, not forgetting unplanned pregnancies.

13. Try Herbal Remedies

With many people trying to find solutions on how to improve sexual performance, there are herbal remedies that have come up intending to offer a solution mainly where the concern is erectile dysfunction. These herbal remedies include Ginseng and Tribulus Terrestris.

However, before trying out any herbal remedy, talk to your doctor first. Herbal supplements are not regulated by the official organizations, meaning they may have side effects.

Seeking the guidance of a health provider with experience on supplements will help monitor your progress and symptoms. The expert will also recommend the right herbs that best suit your problem.

14. Take it Easy

While having sex, it advisable to take things slower for better ejaculation control. A fast rapid sex will have you ejaculating within a shorter period. This is because your penis tip will be more stimulated, leading to a quick climax.

15. Consult your Doctor

Different medications can assist in boosting your sex stamina and sexual function. This includes popular drugs like Cialis and Viagra.

While these medications might be your solution to staying harder and lasting longer during sex, you have to take note of the effects of taking the medicine.

16. Grab the Base of your Penis

Grabbing the base of your penis will help in preventing a premature ejaculation. Squeezing the base of your penis helps in losing your erection, thus stopping an early climax.

17. Masturbate

While there are mixed reactions pertaining to masturbation, it’s actually natural and healthy to masturbate. Masturbating frequently has proven to be a practical option when it comes to building your stamina and lasting longer during sex.

Masturbating also assists one in practicing behavioral approaches and becomes more comfortable when using these approaches during sex.

18. Make use of Numbing Creams.

Applying numbing creams on the tip of your penis helps in preventing premature ejaculation. The numbing cream assists in lessening your penis sensation during sex, therefore, increasing your ejaculation time.

19. Go for Counseling

Premature ejaculation can be a direct effect of psychological factors, including depression, anxiety, and trauma history. Seeking the help of a counselor can help you address the role of such factors together with other sexual satisfaction factors. You can choose to combine a medical regime with counseling to address the problem within a short period.

20. Limit your Alcohol Intake before Sex

Alcohol affects each individual differently. Generally, consuming too much alcohol before intercourse can blind your sensations, making it hard for you to remain aroused. It also speeds up your ejaculation leaving your partner unsatisfied.

21. Lubricate

Lubricating has the ability of making sex more fun by cutting down friction. Different lubricants like desensitizers help in making sure your romp lasts longer.

Not being able to last longer during sex and sexual dysfunction is an embarrassing and concerning issue. However, these are common issues that can be treated.

Trying the above solution to improve sexual performance will undoubtedly ensure you regain your sex stamina and be in a position to satisfy your partner fully. However, if the problem persists and is accompanied by different symptoms, then this can be a sign of a severe health issue. Make sure you book an appointment with your doctor for further check-ups.

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