Erection Fitness ReviewErection Fitness Review: We’ve all seen fascinating pictures of far off tribes with bizarre piercings, adornments and certain parts of the body being stretched far beyond what seems normal.

The women of the Padaung tribe are known as “giraffe women” due to the way they stretch their necks. The Mursi and Surma or Suri women of Ethiopia stretch a hole in their lips and insert a large plate. The Eastern Lahu and the Karen-Padaung tribes practice ear lobe stretching. There’s even tribes renown for stretching the penis by hanging weights to the end of it! Yes. It’s true, The Karamojong tribe from North Eastern Uganda and the Somba people from Togo to name but a couple.

Now, we’re not going to suggest anything as radical as walking around with a brick hanging off the end of your penis! We just wanted to demonstrate that the practice of stretching skin, muscle and tissue is nothing new, it’s been around for centuries in certain cultures.

Can Penis Exercises Really Increase Size?

When you think about it, if you want bigger muscles you work out. You focus on specific exercises to target the particular area you want to enhance. And, whilst it’s never an overnight fix, with a little determination and perseverance, it always works.

So, what about the penis, could it be that certain exercises that focus here could effectively make it bigger? Logic says it should and the answer seems to be yes … there are things you can do that will make a difference to size and health of the penis and the team at Erection Fitness have all the answers for you. Read on for our Erection Fitness review:

Erection Fitness Review

Erection Fitness is a self-help program focussed on an array of penis enlargement exercises. The exercises are proven to be effective and the regimen can be followed discretely, in complete privacy in the comfort of your own home. No embarrassing trips to the doctor, no awkward conversations, no expensive gadgets, no surgery – just you and an exercise program.

Follow the plan regularly each day, just a few simple exercises is all it takes and you will notice a difference so, what have you got to lose? More Info & Buy >>>

Do The Exercises Work?

The exercises target growth in two main areas of the penis:

  1. The tissue cells known as the corpus cavernosa cells, or the erectile tissues.
  2. The length and strength of the penile ligaments.

The target is that, over time the stretching of the tissues means that they will hold an increased volume of blood when erect. This forces the cells to permanently increase in size.

Will I See Permanent Results?

Yes, keep up the exercise regularly and you’ll get long term results. You’re going to be stretching the tissues which will re-heal a little larger each time. Gradually the size of your penis will increase and the results will be permanent.

We should add, this is nothing new and nothing radical. It’s a proven technique that’s been around for centuries.

How Large Will My Penis Get?

This is a question we can’t give a definitive answer to. Everyone is different and it really depends on the starting size of your penis and how disciplined you are in sticking to the penis exercise routine.

As a rule you can expect anything between 2cm and 6cm more in girth (width) and 4cm to 9cm in length. As we say though, you should not expect miracles overnight – it’s going to take time and commitment from you. We suggest that you should start to notice a visible difference within the first 60 days and for it to gradually build from there.

Are The Exercise Difficult?

There’s nothing difficult whatsoever and there’s no equipment you’ll need to buy. Erection Fitness will provide all the information in clear fashion which is very simple to follow. When you get into your routine you’ll find yourself doing them without even thinking about it.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely. Just follow the directions, take it at a steady pace, be patient and don’t rush things and you won’t experience any pain, discomfort or injuries.

How Much Does Erection Fitness Cost

We don’t suggest you buy the program from anywhere but Erection Fitness themselves. For just a few $s you can get not just an exercise program but a complete enhancement kit consisting of the exercise program plus bonus gifts of a 30 day supply of VigRx Plus for natural male enhancement and VigRX Oil for performance enhancement. You’ll be like a completely new man!

Still sceptical? Of course you are, we would be too! So let me tell you that it comes with a full money back guarantee. Try it for 60 days after which time you should see visible results. If, for whatever reason, you are not happy simply claim a refund before day 67 and every bit of your money will be returned – no questions asked (you’ll even get to keep the bonus gifts).

Erection Fitness Review – Conclusion

We love this program. Nothing works for everyone all the time but reviews from real users have been extremely positive. It does seem to make a difference to the thickness and length of the penis.

Our Erection Fitness review suggests that it’s not for anyone wanting a quick, overnight fix – that’s not going to happen. It’s not for anyone who’s not prepared to follow the plan and stick to a regular daily exercise routine either.

It takes time, patience and commitment but boy … it’s worth it! More Info & Buy >>>