ProSolution Plus Review Premature Ejaculation

ProSolution Plus Review: the leading natural male enhancement supplement for premature ejaculation, erection quality, sex drive and for performance beyond belief! It provides hope for those suffering from premature ejaculation, more sex for those who want to give their sex drive a real boost and an awesome, all-round enhances performance product for all men.

Premature ejaculation refers to a medical term describing a condition where men ejaculate shortly after penetration. Shortly in this instance can mean anything less than 2 minutes. Ordinarily, men who don’t suffer premature ejaculation last for around 9 minutes or over before ejaculating.

You may be surprised just how much premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction can affect the quality of lifestyle not only for the affected but also for the partner. The psychological effects go deep into the emotion fabric and can result in lower confidence and esteem and can even cause depression or other emotionally related conditions. It’s more common than you may think too – according to latest research, premature ejaculation affects over 30% of men at any one given time! Find Out More >>>

In 2013, ProSolution Plus was introduced in the market as a natural enhancement supplement proven through clinical tests to improve premature ejaculation by close to 64%.

ProSolution Plus Review

Understanding Premature Ejaculation

Contrary to what some people believe, premature ejaculation is a widespread problem affecting between 20 and 30% of men across the globe. Premature ejaculation as a condition affects sexual satisfaction levels, self-confidence and even the quality of life. According to a research paper published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2005, men suffering from premature ejaculation also admitted to being severely distressed.

There are a number of physical reasons that cause premature ejaculation – hormonal problems and side effects from prescribed medication for example. Ofthen though performance anxiety is the cause – especially for people who are having an intercourse for the first time with a partner or in unfamiliar sexual environments. It is expected that after time and familiarity, premature ejaculation fixes itself. However, this is not always the case and some people end up suffering on and off for years.

It’s one of those psychological conditions which can actually get worse. It happens for the first time which causes concern and pressure to do better next time. But this pressure focusses the mind on the issue and will often cause it to happen again and the viscious circle begins. Because of the sensitive nature of the condition, many of the affected hesitate to seek for assistance because of embarrassment and stigmatization.

ProSolution Plus Review

ProSolution Plus is a non-prescription sexual enhancement supplement for men designed to help with premature ejactulation, erectile issues, enhanced sex drive and make intercourse more enjoyable. ProSolution can be used as an on-going enhancement supplement to assist you when having spontaneous sexual encounters.

It’s a 100% natural and powerful formula bringing together vitamins, minerals, ancient herbals and nutrients from both Ayruvedic and Chinese medicine that have helped thousands of people enhance their male vitality for centuries, ProSolution Plus is certainly the game changer. It is proven through research that the ProSolution Plus formula enhances erectile issues by up to 67%, premature ejaculation by 64% and sexual satisfaction by a whopping 78%. When you take this formula, you have a guarantee that your sex drive and stamina will be greatly boosted in addition to your premature ejaculation problem.

ProSolution Plus – The Magic Formula

The manufacturers of ProSolution Plus understand fully the male anatomy and hence when putting together the formula, they targeted it to specific bedroom problems amongst them premature ejaculation. The constituents of the formula include vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and herbals that have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine to help men enhance their sexual health, perform better, attain bigger erections, enhance their stamina and offer a natural solution for premature ejaculation.

ProSolution Plus Review

ProSolution Plus therefore combines the ancient schools of wisdom with modern research to come up with a formula that is strategically targeted at dealing with the premature ejaculation problem.

How ProSolution Plus Works

The blend of ancient nutrients and wisdom with modern understanding has clearly put ProSolution Plus in its own class as a supplement that completely addresses the premature ejaculation problem and all the pains it causes. It comes in the form of a tablet that’s designed to be taken regularly but just once a day.

Like most natural oral supplements, you shouldn’t expect instant results. Realistically, based on reviews, you’re going to need around three weeks for the nutrient build up to optimize in your system. The most dramatic increases in sex drive and performance will come after that – anything between three and six months seems to be the norm.

Results can be dramatic and worth waiting for though. In a study done to illustrate the efficacy of ProSolution Plus, 148 men aged between 21 and 60 were picked. All of them were in good health save for their mild to moderate erectile issues, low interest in sex and premature ejaculation. Upon the conclusion of the study, the researchers came up with the following statistics; men who took the ProSolution Plus formula experienced some improvement in their erection issues, sexual satisfaction, and sexual function. This is in addition to a noticeable 64% improvement in premature ejaculation.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the nature of consumers to ask questions particularly where they are not sure or have some little doubt as to the functioning of a particular product. You probably have heard how the ProSolution Plus is effective in resolving premature ejaculation issues but you still have some popping questions that need answers. The following are some of the frequently asked questions by those wanting to switch to ProSolution Plus.

Does it really work? ProSolution Plus contains nutrients that take up to three months in order to settle in your body system. When they do, they give you a good performance buffer even when engaging in spontaneous sex. Most people see results faster than they had imagined typically in less than a fortnight. However, there are others who take between 3 and 6 months for them to see the real benefits of the supplement. The key is to be patient as the supplement makes its way into the targeted chambers.

Is there a prescription to ProSolution Plus? As opposed to the other supplements which have to be prescribed by a health practitioner, this supplement is completely natural and has no pharmaceuticals.

How safe is ProSolution Plus? Because it is formulated using natural ingredients that have no reported side effects, ProSolution Plus is a safe supplement to use. However, you may need to speak to your doctor if you have concerns the supplement may interact with pre-existing conditions or medications.

Is the ordering process discreet? The entire purchase process is discreet and your credit card charge will show the name leminternet while the packaging will be indicating Leading Edge. The customer support is also very good and they are trained to handle your concerns including ordering and shipping in a sensitive manner.

Are there any guarantees? ProSolution Plus comes with a 67 day money back guarantee which means you have sufficient time to try out the product, assess the results and in case of any disconnect, return the product for a refund. You should note that the refund upon returning will come less the shipping and handling charge. From our experience, very few if any guys return ProSolution Plus because they simply love it.

Is ProSolution Plus available at a discount? Yes, ProSolution Plus can be purchased at a discount particularly when the order size is large. For instance, if you buy a 6-month supply, you may qualify for a discount. Depending on the package you buy, you may also receive free bonus gifts as well as free shipping to an address of your choice within the United States. More information is available at the ProSolution Plus official site.

Is there a customer support line? For further questions on ProSolution Plus, you can get in touch with our customer support team through email, or phone at 1-866-621-6886. They are available all through the week and will answer any additional question you may have about the product.

ProSolution Plus Review

ProSolution Plus Review – Conclusion

ProSolution Plus is a promising supplement that has been proven to completely address premature ejaculation problem. Being a natural product with no prescription requirement, it gives you a safe yet effective means to discreetly handle your bedroom problems. It gives hope for those who have for long desired to perform better and delay their ejaculation for sexual satisfaction.
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