VigRX Delay Wipes Review: By this time you’ll no doubt already be familiar with the VigRX name that’s synonymous with quality male enhancement products of the very highest quality. When it comes to male delay products we’ve already reviews the well know VigRX Delay Spray but you may be interested to know that there’s now a new product in the range … introducing VigRX delay wipes. Find Out More >>>.

You may be excused for thinking these are just the same delay spray in a wipe. Sure, you get the same amazing delay results, you’ll last longer, delay orgasm, prolong sexual pleasure and make sex amazing for your partner but there are some significant differences in the formulation. Our VigRX Delay Wipes review will explain all.

VigRX Delay Wipes Review

An over sensitive penis or premature ejaculation is a common issue and if you’ve ever had it happen you’ll know how it makes you feel. What’s more, once it’s happened it’s always in the back of your mind “is it going to happen again”. Occasionally, with a regular partner the issue may not be anything to concern yourself about but, what about the first time with a new partner or what about if it happens all the time?

If you have any concerns VigRX Delay Wipes could be for you.

VigRX Delay Wipes Review

VigRX Delay Wipes Ingredients

Here’s the biggest difference between these wipes and a delay spray. Whilst most sprays contain a mild anesthetic VigRX Delay Wipes are a completely, 100%, natural formulation. They contain no chemicals whatsoever so are completely safe to use by everyone.

There are two main components:

Zanthoxylum Oil: We’d never heard of it either! Zanthoxylum Oil is distilled from the winged prickly ash tree. The tree is actually quite common and grows all over the world. The oil is renown for its natural numbing effect along with its healing and antifungal properties and has been used in these ways for centuries.

Peony Extract: The ancient Greeks named the peony as the queen of flowers. This was not just because of how attractive it is but also because of its medicinal properties which can be used in many different ways. From massage oils to improve circulation, to anti-oxidant effects and soothing properties peony extract does it all!

No Chemicals: No lidocaine, no benzocaine and no other harsh drugs just gentle, natural numbing properties.

VigRX Delay Wipes v Spray

VigRX Delay Wipes ReviewSo, delay spray or wipes, which is best. To be honest they both serve a purpose. VigRX Delay Spray contains the mild anesthetic benzocaine so you know it’s going to be effective. And it is – it works within 10 minutes and lasts up to 30 minutes. For those who prefer a less harsh natural solution then the wipes provide this. Nothing harsh, completely natural yet still effective for around 20 minutes.

Instead of spraying the penis simply remove the wipe and wrap it around the penis and stroke the whole area repeatedly. It will take 20 or 30 seconds (and a little squeezing of the wipe) for the lotion to be fully absorbed but then you’re good to go!

One of the big advantages of VigRX Delay Wipes is the fact that they are totally discrete, will fit into any pocket or wallet and can therefore be carried with you absolutely anywhere and will be ready for anything, anytime.

Each box contains 10 individually wrapped wipes.

Who Are They For?

Basically, they’re for any adult man who is in any way concerned about early ejaculation or wants to last longer in order to extend the pleasure for all parties.

They are especially for those who want to be ready for anything, anytime.

Where Can I Buy From?

Don’t buy from anywhere except from the official manufacturers website. That way you’ll be assured of getting the authentic product and the best prices. It will also give you access to the special offers, discounts and bulk buy deals.

The price varies depending on all of the above but it’s highly cost effective because it works and there’s 10 in a pack.

What’s more, buying direct will ensure you get the full money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you’re not entirely happy, simply return the product within 67 days for a full money back, no questions asked, guarantee (excluding shipping / handling costs). You really have nothing to lose.

VigRX Delay Wipes Review

VigRX Delay Wipes Review – Conclusion

We’re huge fans of the VigRX brand and the delay spray is incredible. VigRX Delay Wipes offer a different solution to early ejaculation problems. They are natural and gentle and so they’re suitable for everyone, including those who want to avoid harsh chemicals.

They’re faster acting than the spray and, whilst the effect doesn’t last quite as long as the spray, it still lasts up to 20 minutes – plenty long enough we think you’ll agree!

Finally, we love the fact that they’re so discrete and individually packed meaning that you can keep one with you at all times so it’s ready whenever you need it.

Highly recommended – we think you’ll like this one! Read More Here >>>