Lucent Skin Dermasis Psoriasis Cream For Men - Our ViewsLucent Skin Dermasis Psoriasis Cream for men – our views. According to a report by the National Psoriasis Foundation, there are approximately 150,000 to 260,000 new cases of Psoriasis which are diagnosed every year. This amounts to over 5 million Americans who spend lots of cash every year to treat this condition.

If you or one of your closest family members has Psoriasis, getting relief for the skin condition should be your top priority.  Despite the many Psoriasis creams out in the market, only a handful of them can deal with this skin problem comprehensively.

Lucent Skin Dermasis is one of these powerful creams whose formulation makes it a formidable solution against Psoriasis for both men and women. Find Out More >>>

What is Lucent Skin Dermasis Psoriasis Cream

Lucent Skin Dermasis is a psoriasis cream for men and women. It’s a smooth and non-greasy formula that targets the cause of psoriasis whilst controlling your skin symptoms. It absorbs quickly and neither stains your skin or clothes thereby leaving you clean even after applying it.

How It Works

This Psoriasis cream has a unique formulation of active ingredients that moisturize and soothes your skin as well as controlling the flaking and scaling commonly associated with Psoriasis. This in turn enhances the natural healing process of your skin.

Lucent Skin Dermasis Psoriasis Cream For Men - Our Views
Lucent Skin Dermasis works to eliminate the skin symptoms that make it look red and patchy. It achieves this using a powerful set of active ingredients which are naturally formulated under stringent laboratory conditions. These ingredients include:

Salicylic Acid

Psoriasis is notorious for causing a replication of skin cells at a very high rate of about 8 times faster than the usual rate. This makes the cells to build up on the surface of your skin thereby forming thick and unsightly patches of red lesions which are covered in dead skin. Salicylic acid combats this replication and stimulates the shedding of the dead skin layer which in turn alleviates the condition. It also reduces the pain and discomfort which is primarily caused by the deep cracks in the skin.

Palm Oil

This ingredient is commonly referred to as edible vegetable oil. On the skin, palm oil penetrates and forms a thin protective layer that is essential in holding moisture that keeps the skin supple and soft. The main component in palm oil referred to as toctrienol is a member of Vitamin E family and generally hard to find. It is a strong and powerful antioxidant that fights off the effects of free radicals and regulates the oxidation pathway. Palm oil enhances skin healing and protection using the bottom-up approach.

Vitamin E Acetate

Also known as Tocopheryl acetate, this ingredient is an effective antioxidant that hunts down free radicals and stabilizes them thereby increasing the moisture content in the skin tissue including the surface. It is efficient in protecting the skin against the harmful ultraviolet rays thereby keeping the skin healthy. Since it is not oxidized, this ingredient can penetrate through the skin tissue to the living cells where part of it approximately 5 percent is converted into Tocopherol, a powerful antioxidant.

Melaleuca Alternifolia

This is commonly referred to as tea tree oil and has a rich history especially in traditional medicine where it was used to treat skin disorders. It has cleansing and soothing properties that help in the alleviation of burning, itching and irritation which are the common signs of Psoriasis.

Benefits Of Lucent Skin Dermasis Psoriasis Cream For Men

This arguably one of the tried and tested psoriasis creams for men that has amazing results. Some of the benefits you will enjoy by using this cream include:

Effectiveness in Addressing Psoriasis – If you want to get rid of psoriasis and all its undesirable effects, Lucent Skin Dermasis is the product of choice. Using its powerful ingredients such as Salicylic acid, palm oil and Vitamin E, this product guarantees you a moisturized skin free of inflammations and free radicals.

All Natural and Safe-have you ever used a cream that later reacted with your skin? Well, it is probably dues to the artificial ingredients that were included in the product. With Dermasis, you are safe because all the ingredients are drawn from natural sources including plants.

Economical- Psoriasis is very expensive to treat and any solution that brings the same of even more benefits at a less-than-expected costs is highly welcome. Dermasis is an absolute deal because the multiple benefits it avails are beyond imagination.


If there is a treatment that literally holds psoriasis at ransom then Lucent Skin Dermasis Psoriasis Cream is that product. Your decision to buy this cream will not only pay in multiple returns but will also secure you a healthy future with reduced concerns of psoriasis. Find Out More >>>

Lucent Skin Dermasis Psoriasis Cream For Men - Our Views