Profollica Review - Top Solution For Hair LossHair loss has long been one of the body changes that people associate with different causative factors amongst them age, dermatological diseases or genetics. Whatever the cause, hair loss is generally an undesired condition that the affected people have tried to get rid of under all circumstances. Because of the fact that hair loss is visible to everyone around you, it can significantly affect your self-esteem especially if it becomes the subject of mockery. Just like other conditions, hair loss begins slowly and grows gradually to ultimately result in baldness. That’s why the Profillica solution for hair loss is proving so popular right now. Find Out More >>>

At the age of 35, most men start seeing the effects of hair loss either in form of receding hair lines or the appearance of a dome at the back of their hair. Some are quite unlucky and experience both. According to well researched information from, it is said that close to 65% of all men suffer from effects of hair loss while a majority of them experience Male Pattern Baldness. Women are also not spared; they suffer hair loss in a slightly different manner. Starting from the age of 30, their hair starts thinning out and by the time they turn 50 or shortly after menopause, their scalp starts becoming noticeable because of the reduced hair strands on their heads.

Profollica Review - Top Solution For Hair Loss

The Need For A Solution For Hair Loss

Hair loss has been attributed to a number of factors amongst them age and genetics. However, scientific research in men shows that a hormone known as dehydrotestosterone abbreviated as DHT is responsible for hair loss. The function of this hormone is to develop the masculine traits in men such as larger muscles, deep voice and moustache. However, this hormone has also been identified as a contributing factor in the development of Male Pattern Baldness. The hormone develops in the DHT receptors which are normally located around the hair follicles. As the hormone establishes itself, it gradually kills the hair and follicle making it practically impossible for your hair to grow back. According to well documented information on, DHT production is not as high in women as in men and this explains why women do not suffer the same radical hair loss as men.

The level of DHT increases as men age, thereby, killing more hair follicles ultimately resulting into baldness. Even though every person has this hormone, the levels of production are different. There are those who suffer from excessive production while others do not experience as much production hence minimal hair loss.

In addition to the above factors, the following are some other factors that have been found to cause hair loss both in men and women.
Disease – Diseases such as thyroid disorder or systemic lupus erythematosis and syphilis have been shown to cause hair loss as part of their symptoms. Research also indicates that chronic kidney dysfunction can cause hair loss because it makes them unhealthy, weak and breakable.

Effects of Medication – Drugs containing lithium, warfarin, beta-blockers, levopoda, heparin and amphetamines can cause hair to fall off. Additionally, some of the medications used to treat cancer including but not limited to doxorubicin can cause temporal but rapid hair loss.
Hormones – Hormonal reactions inside your body system and imbalanced production of the same can affect the normal hair growth cycle. An example of the events that causes hormonal imbalances is the menstrual cycle. During ovulation, hormonal changes also take place and can cause hair loss.

Zinc Deficiency – Inadequate intake or poor absorption of zinc in the body can cause your hair strands to weaken, break and fall off.

Profollica Review - Top Solution For Hair Loss

Excessive Hair Treatments – Hair treatment is great particularly when done within healthy confines. However, when exceeded, treatments such as perming, bleaching, colouring, cornrows, and curling irons can cause your hair to fall off. Strong shampoo products and excessive use of comb can also add up to hair loss. Many people think that combing your hair lots of times makes it healthy but the reality is it lessens the strength of the hair and makes it brittle. Shampoos on the other hand contain strong chemicals which dry up your hair causing it to break.

Pregnancy and Giving Birth – About a month after a woman gives birth, a portion of her hair strands tend to fall off easily. Usually, the hair strands which fall off are from one portion of the head leaving behind a moon crater-like hair. This loss of hair is temporal and within a year she should have recovered.

While the factors causing hair loss may seem a lot, the medical options for treating the condition are also many. Some people prefer surgical treatments such as scalp grafting while others prefer oral medication and topical applications such as finasteride and the Profillica solution for hair loss respectively.

Every treatment is different in approach, requirements, processes and applications. For instance, hair loss surgery is said to be one of the most effective method but pills also give excellent results. However, these solutions can only be applied to men. Surgery is only recommended in cases of severe hair loss while the pills can have harmful effects to women. This leaves one solution which is the application of topical products such as the Profillica solution for hair loss. The natural ingredients included in this formula make it convenient and safe for anyone experiencing hair loss irrespective of the level of severity.

Profollica Review – Top Solution For Hair Loss

Hair loss is something every man wants to reverse and that’s why the Profillica solution for hair loss is proving so popular right now.

Because of the disturbing nature of hair loss, people have tried different solutions to find those that work. The internet is awash with suggestions, opinions and other subjective statements most of which don’t add up to the solution that people are seeking. Instead of trying out different products that give half-baked solutions, it is a time you settled for the medically endorsed comprehensive hair loss solution known as Profollica.

Looking at the online reviews of Profollica, you cannot help but see the many desperate cases of hair loss that the formula has addressed leaving behind a stream of satisfied customers and medical proof. As a matter of fact, a majority of Profollica users have experienced considerable hair growth within the first few months of consistent use. The results entirely depend on how consistent you follow the instructions as directed.

While other products are simply a standalone lotion or shampoo, Profollica contains three different products which combine to yield powerful results. When you buy this solution for hairloss you are given a shampoo that is effective in reducing the amount of DHT in your scalp, a nutritional supplement for revitalizing your follicles and a gel that tackles excess sebum.

The best way to ascertain the effectiveness of Profillica as a solution for hair loss is to give it a try. For every purchase, you get a 60-day money back guarantee which means you have full sampling without any risks. Therefore, if you are looking for a hair loss product that has a proven track record of delivering results then look no further than Profollica. Visit The Official Profillica Website >>>

Profollica Review - Top Solution For Hair Loss