Idol White Teeth Whitening For MenIdol White, teeth whitening for men. Yellow and stained teeth are not only unpleasant but also make you a little bit older than you really are. They can also erode your confidence leaving you insecure in the midst of family and friends. If you are in this situation and you want a complete turnaround of your teeth appearance so as to impress people and raise your ego, the time is now to get a 360 degree solution that is formulated specifically for this cause.

When it comes to teeth whitening for men, Idol White is a proven, unique and effective teeth whitening pencil that has brightened the smiles of many people. It features a unique blend of natural and healthy teeth whitening ingredients that bring out a natural white shade in user’s teeth. As a result, it brings out a brighter and whiter smile without too much hassle or paying for costly teeth whitening procedures.

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The following is a quick review about this whitening pencil that will help you understand how it works.

Natural Solution To Teeth Whitening For Men

Over 80 percent of Americans aged between 18 and 49 wish they had whiter teeth. Discolored teeth occur due to several causative agents that fade the natural whiteness of the teeth. Some factors such as aging, drinking too much coffee and smoking have been linked with yellow teeth. The Idol Whitening System reverses the action of these factors to effectively whiten discolored teeth. It has a unique formula or natural ingredients that attack yellow stains on teeth for whiter smiles. It comes with topical brush and whitening gel that fights stain causative agents to deliver whiter and brighter smiles.

How Idol White Teeth Whitening For Men Works

Idol White features a pen-shaped teeth whitening applicator and a natural whitening gel which can be applied in seconds with control without messy strips and trays. The gel and the applicator are self-contained and they can be stored conveniently in a desk, pulse or pocket. Idol White is used in four simple steps as follows;

Brush your teeth to prepare it for the treatment

Uncap the whitening pen carefully and apply a very thin layer of Idol White on the affected teeth

Let the layer stay intact for at least 1 minute

Rinse your mouth with clean water


The main ingredients include;

Peppermint Oil – It gives the whitening pencil a pleasant taste and leaves a fresh breath after applying it on your teeth.

EDTA – It purifies your teeth and removes some of mouth toxins which are associated with yellow teeth. The removal of these toxins encourages powerful teeth whitening to reverse the discoloration.

Sodium Hydroxide – It is a pure white diluted solution that speeds up the process of teeth whitening. This allows fast delivery of other ingredients resulting to faster whitening.

Carbomer – It is a tooth whitening agent that has a bleach-like effect in teeth to whiten yellow teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide – It is a gentle acid with great oxidizing properties. It acts like a bleaching agent when used in Idol White teeth whitening formula.

Pros And Cons

The idol white teeth whitening system has many pros that include;

It only takes a few seconds to apply

It doesn’t have messy strips or trays

It comes with a convenient pen shaped applicator

It has a powerful hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel

Users have better precision and control when applying it

The results of Idol White aren’t permanent and users need periodical teeth retreat for the best results. Heavy coffee drinkers and smokers are advised to undergo the periodical retreats regularly to maintain white teeth.

Satisfied Customers

Idol White is very popular among users. It has gotten a lot of media attention since celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and her sisters have endorsed it as an effective tooth whitening pencil. Many users have expressed satisfaction with Idol White because of its portability and results. A good number of them liked its pencil-shape since it gives user complete control over the application process.

Is Idol White Teeth Whitening For Men Right For You?

Idol White is ideal for you if you are ready to wait for a few weeks to get results. You have to follow application instructions and apply it for at least one week to see those pearly whites. On the other hand, you may be disappointed if you are looking for instant results because it requires time to bleach your enamel for the best results.

In conclusion, you don’t have to suffer with diminished confidence and embarrassment due to discolored teeth. This is because Idol White assures you of an ultimate teeth whitening system which you can use from the comfort of your home. It will give you results which may cost you thousands of dollars at the dentist. Be sure you check out the Idol White website at to read more and to take advantage of any current special offers (like the free package that’s available right now) and the full money back guarantee.